Marc Cuban receives Make a Wave coin representing fallen Marine Kevin “Jack” Dempsey

Marc Cuban, Serial Entrepreneur and judge on the hit TV Show, “Shark Tank”, was recently at a CLVR Talks event in San Diego where he was presented a coin in remembrance of Kevin “Jack” Dempsey.

Clever Talks is a military conference that brings together active-duty servicemen and veterans to showcase their ideas and causes. Marc Cuban was the featured speaker, giving advice to veteran entrepreneaurs and transitioning veterans. During a Q&A session, Marc was presented a Make a Wave coin honoring the legacy of Kevin “Jack” Dempsey, a United States Marine. To a standing ovation, Mr. Cuban was presented this Legacy coin, and we look forward to seeing Mr. Cuban continue to pass on Corporal Dempsey’s legacy. Never Forgotten.

Please read on for the full story as told through the eyes of Make a Wave’s CEO, Kevin Kirk
Remembering Kevin “Jack” Dempsey

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