Jahn Benjamin

UI/UX Designer

Jahn Benjamin

( UI/UX Designer )

Jahn has a hybrid technical / creative background with expertise ranging from web programming, to design and photo/video production, to digital and social media marketing.

After graduating from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado in 2007 with a BFA degree focused in digital media, he moved to San Diego with hopes of expanding his horizons and getting a taste of the Southern California city life.

Jahn has a passion for creative Arts of all forms, enjoys traveling in search of new experiences, cultures and perspectives, and is adherent to a tradition of seeking, self discovery, personal development, and constant growth.

Jahn is a firm believer in, and practitioner of the ‘pay it forward’ lifestyle, and was introduced to the Make a Wave movement by a simple cup of coffee gifted him by the organizations President Kevin Kirk.

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